WV DEP  Burdette Complex- Princeton, WV

Engineer- WV DEP - 

Mine site reclamation for the WV DEP - Department of Abandoned Mine Lands and Reclamation in Greenbrier County.  Project will consist of installing grout filled fabric lined channels and grading.

Rupert Backwash System - Rupert, WV

Engineer - E.L. Robinson

Addition to the Rupert Water Plant to add the need of a backwash facility.

Winona, WV Wastewater Treatment & Disposal System - Winona, WV

Engineer - Stafford Consultants, Inc.

Contract #2 - Package system to treat and release water from the newly installed sewer system in the community of Winona, WV.  MSB portion is Contract #2.  Customer is the New Haven PSD.


MEDICAL OFFICE:  Dr. Brandon Lingenfelter - Princeton, WV

Architect - Design Build with Vannostrand Architects

3,850 sqft medical office space located in The Crossings Medical Park at 411 12th Street Extension.  Job involves turn-key construction and site development.

833 MERCER STREET- Princeton, WV

Architect - Vannostrand Architects

Remodel and redesign of the former "French Building" at 833 Mercer Street in Princeton, WV.  The newly remodeled space is going to serve the new tenant, Sophisticated Hound Brewing Company.  The space will be used for wholesale manufacturing as well as retail sales and tastings.  The retail space will have a raised stage for music and a unique bar setting.  

839 MERCER STREET- Princeton, WV

Architect - Vannostrand Architects

Remodel of the former "Jimmies" restaurant and "Design 2000".  The new Jimmies restaurant will be remodeled to a 1950's style diner.  The former Design 2000 space will be an open floor plan to accommodate retail sales.  The top floor will be business offices.

WV Dept of Environmental Protection Open Ended Maintenance Contract - Various Counties in WV

Engineer - WV DEP

Maintenance, Repair and Construction at numerous Mine Sites in Mercer, McDowell, Raleigh, Fayette, Nicholas and Preston Counties in West Virginia.  Work includes but not limited to Dozer, Excavator, Backhoe, Grader, and other misc. equipment work.  Work also includes snow plowing, general maintenance of mine roads and WVDEP equipment.  MSB is on the third year of the contract.  The contract was renewed for 2 periods by both parties.  MSB successfully won the new contract in 2017 to make the 4th year of doing this work and looks forward to renewing for another 2 years.